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Need Animators!

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Need Animators! 2012-08-15 14:06:03

Hey guys, I'm making a movie called ''Finding The Veldt'' based off of the Ray Bradbury Short Story, and some parts of it require some animation. So, here's what i need.

1. someone who knows how to use flash animation software. I don't care if your a big name or not, just to know the basic ways to use flash.

2. You must read ''The Veldt'' by Ray Bradbury. This makes explaining the story of F.T.V. a little bit easier.

3. Must be able to draw three different landscapes, A forest, an ocean, and a african veldt. This is the main reason why i need animators, because its impossible to do all these places via live action in the postion i'm in at them moment, but also because it adds more creativity to things.

4. Can be easily contacted. I don't mind you way of talking, just as long as it's not skype. I hate skype.

5. Who is actually willing to work and also have a good time. You don't have a due date on when the animations need to get in, but that doesn't mean i want an animator who slacks off. I want someone who knows that they can be dedicated to there work, but also have fun, and not stress out.

And now, for the actual story (For those who are interested):

Finding The Veldt takes place 10 years after the original short story. The original kids who lived in the house before (their names will be mentioned in the movie and some point near the end) have been shipped off to an asylum for a devious crime they commited (also another secret unless you read The Veldt). A new family moves in to the ''Happy House'' with two teenage boys, Andy and John. When exploring around, they find a secret room, what was once called ''The Nursery'', a place where imagination could build an entire world. Excited by this, Andy and John would visit the place every day, until one day they discover that the nursery can be potentially dangerous. Meanwhile, the nameless kids (now grown up), leave the asylum, and visit the house they once called home. They confront Andy and John, telling them the dangers of the nursery, and to warn them about ''The Lions''. Confused and Interested, Andy and John immerse themselves into the African Veldt, to discover the dark past of The Nursery.

Finding The Veldt will be split into two parts, one part (Finding The Veldt) is the discovery, and the beginning of solving the mystery, while part two (Escape The Veldt) is about them trying to figure out the past, while trying to survive the african wasteland.

If you are interested, or want to ask a question, leave a comment below.

You may also contact me on:
Steam: JakkMAU5
Xbox Live: JakkMAU5
DeviantArt: InsaneEmoJakk
Youtube: InsaneEmoJakk
Soundcloud: JKLOL

I can't wait to hear from you! :D

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Response to Need Animators! 2012-08-16 14:10:35

You might have more luck asking for help here.

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